Together keep your wood floor solid and shiny in wet, wet days

Mop the floor with a mixture of vinegar

For wooden floors, you should clean the floor with a mixture of soap and 1/4 liter of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar to clean the floor and dry quickly.

Proper ventilation

On high humidity days, you should close the main door, open the window so that the house is always airy. Use a ventilating fan or use a 20-25 degree Celsius air conditioner to balance the humidity.

Do not use a wet cloth to clean the floor

If in normal weather, using wet wipes will help to make the floor cleaner, during wet weather, you should not use a wet cloth to clean the floor as it only makes the floor more humid, easy to produce bacteria. You should use a dry cloth to clean the floor after you have cleaned the dust to minimize the floor contact with water.

Check the water system

You should check the water system in your home to prevent leaking water from leaking to the floor. Leaking water on the floor for a long time will ruin your wood floor.

Wear more mats, towels

In wet days, it is a good idea to buy extra mats in the rooms to prevent water from coming into contact with the floor. You should also prepare soft, dry wipes to clean stains or water on the floor.


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